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Tarun Shienh: A Heart that Thinks Beyond Everything

Tarun Shienh, whom we just know as a Hard Core Business Man…reveals an unbelievable philanthropist in him.

Talking with Tarun Shienh, CMD Premia Group unveil his human side, which exposes his urge to do something for society. Tarun Shienh a hard core businessman also known as “The Real Estate Guru” has always taken time for the betterment of society, with the motive to do something for underprivileged segment and is also known for his passion to stand by any individual, who is in need. His charismatic personality makes him a one of the youngest and successful entrepreneur in Real Estate Industry. He has reached this position by sheer hard work and dedication, which is what, differentiates him from other entrepreneurs in this industry. 

Tarun Shienh, a glittering name in the world of Indian Real Estate Industry, who has built up a team to help the society with any problems pertaining Real estate industry, solves queries of minimum 700 – 1000 people during a day, through emails. For these aggressive efforts and for providing an innovative platform to the society, he has been facilitated with the title of “Real Estate Guru” by the masses and his efforts are recognized by some leading organisations and bodies. But, the passion to help and work for the upliftment was not curbed with this and so gradually, he decided and started giving back to the society. He is a true leader in himself, who is not just passionate about making Real Estate Sector an organised sector but has taken steps forward for the upliftment of the unprivileged sections of the society. Recently, inspite of his busy schedule he visited a village near by Eta, where he discussed about their problems based on social and economic front, and promised them to take forward their issues. After spending some time with these children, he realised that this was just a small step, with which he could bring smile on their faces but still there was a long road ahead to actually work for their upliftment.

He is working very closely with NGO -”Lakshyam”, for the education of the underprivileged students, as he thoroughly believes that for the growth and prosperity of our country, these are the bricks, which have to be strongly laid. He has supported many events to raise funds for the education of underprivileged and disabled students. Apart from this, he is also working closely with organisations to raise funds through charitable events for Cancer Patients.

The Real Estate Guru talks about his passion for charity, “being an entrepreneur & citizen of India, it is my first responsibility to help the society in all ways I can. I am sure our steps would help in providing better education and would give shelter to these young children”. He added, “I feel good when I do something for the needy or for the society, and I feel we all should join hands to work for the upliftment of these underprivileged sectors as a make it “sone ki chidiya” again. And for this it is very important that we give education to each and every child of our country. I assure that I shall always stand besides such cause where we can facilitate these young kids with education and provide them with basic necessities for a better future.”

When talked to him, that why The Real Estate Guru, He laughed and said that, “I am not that sort of Guru, its faith of my team and my customers that they always take my advice for investment and other queries related to industry perspective, that’s why I am guru.” When further asked what make you different from other Real Estate entrepreneur, he said that, “I am one of them, but it is just that I believe in transparency and direct dealing with customers providing them complete solutions. Our aim is to facilitate the customers with proper guidance to help them achieve their dream homes.”

Chatting with Tarun has changed my entire perspective that hard-core executive can also have human side and his charisma of being a good human being makes him a different personality.